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RAMSY Medical Laboratories comprise of a main lab in Freetown and a branch in Bo Southern Province and a collection site in the East End of Western Area. RML is a limited company that started operations 1987 through approval from the Ministry of Health and Sanitation Permit number: Ref M22/3/2.

Hours of Operation

Main Office and Bo Branch (include 1hr break)
0800 – 1800
0800 – 1800
0800 – 1800
0800 – 1800
0800 – 1800
0800 - 1400

Note:- Sundays and National Holidays – on-call request.

Turn Around Time (TAT)

CSF and Emergency
Hospital in patient
Routine Test Analysis
Medical Screening
Drugs of Abuse
Culture and Sensitivity
British TB screening
Environmental Chemistries
DNA screen
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
48 hours
48 hours
72 hours
4 working days
5 working days
12 working days

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